“My vision of a perfect little girl's dress is a beautifully-made, perfectly-fitted gown that is like no one else's.  It’s a design that is new, modern, fresh; a design that moves, evokes emotion, makes little girls want to twirl with excitement. I love the tiniest of  details. I want our dresses to be like a wonderful present that you unwrap - with every piece of wrapping paper that you take away, you find something new that pleasantly surprises and delights you and ultimately takes your breath away.”  -Anna Triantafellou

Born in Russia, Anna Triantafellou came to America as so many do, to discover new vistas and to forge a fresh beginning. A degreed educator in her native country, Anna soon realized that the shoes of an English  teacher were ill-fitting; thus,when a chance to study design in Los Angeles presented itself, Anna embraced the opportunity, boarded a plane and stepped, glass-slippered, into the world of design. It was there, in Los Angeles, city of angels and dreamers, that Anna found her creative side. Surrounded by like-minded creatives and talent, Anna soon realized that being different  was wonderful: that our uniqueness is not a curse, but defines who and what we truly are. It was here, too, that the artist was born and nourished; breathing in the air of fashion and working among like-minded individuals, the fledgeling creative discovered her voice and how to use it. To her utter delight, fellow students loved her ideas and she quickly became a standout among her classmates. 

As with all things, interests shift with time, and so did Anna’s love of interior design. Her thirst to create, however, only deepened, even as culture shock and a heightened awareness of the world’s ability to be dark and ugly set in. Seeking refuge from stress and loneliness, Anna turned to her newly acquired sewing machine- a gift from her mother- and her sketchbook. Despite her lack of sewing experience, Anna was determined to learn and excel. Her early designs resulted in couture outfits and blankets for her only available models- family dogs. The primary goal was to make clothing that fit her model well, whomever or whatever that model might be, and for a time, canine designs satisfied Anna’s need to create. As her passion evolved, yet another life change resulted in a move to Dallas, and it was there that Anna opened the now infamous Fab Tutus and made, for a time, what she refers to affectionately as “pretty ugly tutus.” Anna joined the ranks of Etsy bound and determined to offer something different. Never satisfied with the status quo, a burning need to produce quality garments sparked a veritable fire within her. Often, that fire resulted in purchasing pretty fabric and trim rather than dinner; no stranger to sacrifice, Anna’s fierce spirit propelled her through every hardship and challenge. Fueled by a fierce spirit and the ambition to stand out among a vast sea of Etsy sellers, Anna turned her attention to the project that  would eventually change her life: a single little girl’s dress. Driven by Russian pride, resilience of spirit  and her husband’s steadfast support, Anna continued to nourish her inner artist, imagining new possibilities and perfecting the details for her dress design. Dissatisfied with resting on the laurels of her own success, Anna tweaked and polished and refined her prototype and it became a bridal sensation on Pinterest. Once again, her voice soared above the murmur, and people heard it loudly and clearly.   

Anna’s flower girl design soon became a favorite among discriminating brides, but it was a chance encounter with Meg Bitton and her unwavering belief in Anna that prompted the seamstress to take bigger risks and to extinguish all excuses. Recognizing the seamstress’ talent and unique fashion voice, it was Meg who suggested a couture line, noting the meticulous perfection of Anna’s work.. Buoyed by the impact a positive voice can have on the spirit, Anna learned to close her ears to past ugliness and negative voices, and ultimately, to grow her wings. With her “village” behind her (along with Meg and her husband, Anna is forever grateful to Vegas Baby Photography and April Reeves photography for their support and promotion of her brand), the business transitioned from a simple Etsy shop to a luxe couture boutique that remains firmly at the forefront of the industry.

Today, Anna Triant Couture, which began with a girl and a dream and an entry level sewing machine, is a thriving couture business whose dresses would be right at home in Nordstrom’s. Highly coveted, there is nothing quite like an “Anna” dress. Although the line has certainly served to inspire countless other designers and child couture trends, the designs stand firmly as a pinnacle of originality and superior construction in luxe child couture. Created for the discriminating client who expects and values the investment in the very best, Anna’s designs are constructed from the finest of materials by a team of highly trained American seamstresses who are groomed and refined by Anna herself- a nod to her former career as an educator, which proves, perhaps, that there are no mistakes in life, just a series of steps that lead us, eventually, to where we belong. Truly works of art, each dress requires myriad hours of discipline and dedication to achieve Anna’s high standard of perfection; each work of art is stitched with precision and passion, resulting in show stopping garments that are beyond compare and second to none. No expense is spared in the creation of these confections, either. Only the highest quality fabrics and trims (often hand made) are selected and there is very little repetition even within the line; Anna’s philosophy is to never imitate or repeat, even in her own body of work, but to always improve and build and add- the heart of true innovative fashion.

When it comes to inspiration, Anna is firmly against following other child-centered designers and sets her attention, instead, on the simple beauty of  nature, luxurious fabrics, and her very favorite: haute bridal dresses. She favors muted colors that whisper rather than shout, and her preferred hues of blush, cream, and palest orchid reign over brighter tones. The result is an unmistakable and identifiable work of art, straight from Anna’s heart and a little girl’s dreams. The result is unparalleled quality from the heart of a true artist.

From Russia to Los Angeles, from Dallas to -very soon- the runways of New York, Anna Triantafellou’s innovative style and chic approach to luxury little girl’s couture results in a truly one of a kind brand. Her success is a testimony to passion, determination, a rock-solid work ethic, and the power of having a “tribe” that believes that you can do anything. Step into the world of Anna Triant Couture and experience the difference in the details.

About page courtesy of Lisa Jones; images by Vegas Baby Photography, Stacy Paris Photography, and Rob Kim with Getty Images.

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