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Some occasions are understated, and others demand a statement. Miss Lavish is fully prepared for the latter and she will win the heart of even the most discriminating audience. Able to adjust to a variety of princesses, Lavish features a lace up, sheer-sleeved bodice for the perfect fit. Adorning the sleeves is a network of intricate beading that is sure to dazzle and light up even the darkest of rooms. More is always more in Lavish’s world, so of course, the skirt is a glorious work of art, a luscious confection enhanced with perfectly opulent handmade blooms and a subtle train trimmed in the finest of Venetian lace along the hemline. And because luxe couture demands perfection from the inside out, what lies beneath is just as well constructed; Lavish features an American-made petticoat of whisper soft tulle and a hoop skirt built into the lining so that she never falls flat. With maximum impact and high volume twirl potential, Lavish is sure to be the belle of the ball at any event.

Please note - the only color combination currently available is gray embroidered lace with mauve flowers and mauve tulle underneath. The overall color of the gown would be a grayish mauve color. Please refer to color swatch images below. Please contact us if you would like to place an order for the newest color combination. 

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