For the longest time, Anna Triant Couture had been a one-woman show, with Anna being the sole creator, maker, and decorator of our gowns. However, as the business became popular beyond the US and grew exponentially over the years, so did the number of orders. With that excitement came the need to build a team to support and respond to the growing demand, so Anna has spent the past eight years gathering a talented team of like-minded creatives who dedicate most of their time to the art of couture garment construction and decoration, as well as providing customer care and support.

"Anna Gowns" are well-known for the impeccable quality of construction and attention to the tiniest little detail. Our gowns have gone through many stylistic transformations over the years, on top of becoming more and more labor intensive and time consuming to create. First, each gown is individually patterned and cut in our studio in Maryville, TN. Once cut, the fabric then travels to our seamstresses in either Texas or Florida, or it will stay in Tennessee to be sewn in our studio. Once the basic construction is finished, the gowns return to the studio where we add all the finishing touches - hand-beaded elements, flowers, vines, bows, and accessories. Lastly, once the gown is complete and checked for quality, Anna and her assistants beautifully pack and send the product out to its new home. The process is extensive and time consuming, but the beauty we create is well worth every moment and every bit of effort.

This business wouldn't be where it is today without these talented, dedicated, and highly skilled individuals. Thank you Team ATC for everything that you do

PS. We are always looking to expand our small but mighty community, so if you believe you have the dedication and experience to be a part of our team, don't hesitate to send your resume to [email protected]!

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