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Shhhhhh! Whisper’s secrets beckon to be shared, and everyone will want to know this incredibly stunning little Miss.  A true show-stopper, no detail is left unattended in this awe-inspiring design.. The conversation begins with exquisite bodice composed of luxurious gold and silver guipure lace.  Below this sweet beginning, the detail continues in complete and utter perfection, dipping into a luxurious multi-layered tulle skirt. A train accentuates this already stunningly innovative skirt design, providing Miss Whisper with an extra touch of elegance. Sweet lace straps are designed to tie in perfect bows at the shoulders and the gown closes with a bridal button closure.  With a lovely silhouette that recalls haute bridal couture, Whisper is sure to be the socialite sensation of the season, charming every young fashionista that is fortunate enough to make her acquaintance.

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